The origins – Oliverio Stilo Company

The origin of our company is due to its founder Doctor Domenico Stilo who whom got his degree in pharmacy in 1989 in the faculty of pharmacy of the University of Bologna, with an experimental thesis made at the Department of Phar- macology and with the title of: “CYTOCHROME P 450 – SISTEMA ENZYMIC SYSTEM OF THE LIVER”.
After the specialization in “homeopathy” at the institute I.S.M.B. of Milano, since 1994 till 1999, he was also director of a chemical company named Chemical S.R.L. in Milan, with the primary role of controller in relation to: active chemical principles and phytotherapics of the primary products used in the pharmaceuticals industry. Being the fourth of 7 sons, in order to continue his researches and to maintain a certain life tenure, he works as a pharmacist in Milan and he still continues his researches. After the first years of sacrifices, finally in 2000 he was able to complete his researches on extracts and curative capacities of many officinal plants.

Between 2001 and 2009, thanks to the assistance of his family members, which were also a part of the social econo- mical context of Milan, he bought and managed three pharmacies in Milan. In 2009, with the assistance of his brother Doctor Costantino Stilo (a surgeon specialized in labor medicine and in the risks associated with professional diseases, and also an expert on food pathologies and disorders!!), and thanks to his continuous experiences (his products were tested in 20 pharmacies) he indicated 20 different products that are used to cure 20 different pathologies.

Such products on one side, being the result of the experience made in the pharmacies, satisfy the request of the mar- ket and on the other side, thanks to the researches made and to the medical practice, are very efficient to treat certain pathologies without producing any negative effects on the body! The above guarantees that Esseline continues to achieves its goals.

The Company was born, managed and carried forward under the guidance of the whole Stilo family, inspired by the ideas of the Father (Stilo Oliverio), a lover of natural medicine, which has taught them that Nature takes care of men and vice versa.


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