Arnica 30+Gel

Arnica 30+ gel is a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic product. Highest concentration of Arnica (other kind of cream, gel and similar contains at least 4% or 15 %) stimulates white blood cell activity which leads to faster dispersion of congested blood and trapped fluids from muscles and joints as well as bruised tissue. With so powerful 30% concentration of Arnica on the gel, the process of healing is faster, and we have the fastest possible and significant reducing of swelling, bruising, inflammation and pain reduction.

The leading dermatologists in New York consider that addition of this gel to their protocol has magically, effectively and incredibly fast reduced the patients bruising and swelling also after esthetic injections, chemical peeling, laser and mesotherapy procedures.

100 ml
9.95 €

applying the gel when needed, with a delicate massage until its full absorption


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