Original anti-age product to slow down the degradation of collagen

Fermetesse is an original product which helps to slow down the degradation of collagen resulting in anti-aging action. NAC (N- Acetylcysteine) has as prerogative the contrasting to creation of free radical since the molecule has the effect to reduce oxidation and antioxidant. This is natural precursor of glutation, one of the more powerful antioxidants that are present in the human body. Polyphenols stop the creation of free radical, that are responsibles for rugae and it impedes the degradation of iarulonic acid that is present in the skin. Rutin is able to link with bivalent iron (Fe2+) anticipating its linkage with peroxide of hydrogen (H202); such reaction generates free radical that are highly reactive.

Fermetesse also slows the absorption of fillers or biostimulation. It is recommended then it earlier in aesthetic medicine treatments and also with monthly cycles throughout the year.

20 tablets
48,00 €

1 tablet a day without food


  • polyphenol
  • NAC
  • Rutin
  • Acetylcysteine
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