Magnesioesse esseline

Contrast stress, anxiety, premenstrual syndrome, insomnia

Magnesioesse helps to contrast stress, anxiety, premenstrual syndrome, insomnia. Magnesium is a mineral that contributed to the regularization of the heartbeat, to the maintenance of the muscles tones and to the efficiency of the nervous system. Infact this has a crucial role in the shrinkage of the muscles, that can become irregular in situations of eccessive stress that consists in apprehension, muscular spasms, irregular heart-rythm, tremors, depression, insomnia, irritability.
Magnesioesse allows also to absorb the right quantity of calcium for the bones; without an adequate quantity of magnesium the bones become fragil and can be subject to breaks, indipendently by how much calcium it was absorbed, since the fastening of the calcium in the bones takes place with the mediation of the magnesium.

Jar of 150 gr
11,90 €

Assuming 1 spoon of powder dissolved in lukewarm water, up to 2 times a day


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