Stimolesse, esseline

It has antioxidants and anabolizant properties and it increases the cellular volume with tonic and pro-energetic effect

Stimolesse is a food supplement with tonic and pro-energetic effect. Taurine is contained in muscle tissue. It has antioxidants and anabolizant properties and it increases the cellular volume. It is recommended in the cases of masculine sexual impotence of psychological origin, because there is the stabilization of the humor with a stimulation of the spinal nervous centers that control the sexual organs. It is an effective remedy against the hard works. It improves the sporting performance when it is important to save the glycogen and to oxidize above all the fats (marathon, bicycling of duration, triathlon).

Stimolesse contains:
Damiana: it increases the performance capacity, alleviates depression;
it is an amino acid that the body uses to convert fat into energy. It improves sports performance;
Creatine: participates in the anaerobic mechanism is activated as soon begins an intense muscular effort;
Eleutherococcus: is widely used in sport; indicated in periods of reduced performance capabilities, concentration and attention;
Ginseng: increases the responsiveness of the brain and adrenal glands, improving the body’s resistance. It is an anti-fatigue remedy.

12 tablets
15,00 €

1 tablet a day after breakfast


  • Damiana
  • Carnitine
  • Creatine
  • Eleutherococcus
  • Ginseng
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